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One of the best things about being a DIY’er is talking about the projects we take on. There’s a level of pride that comes with completing a job that just revs the spirits up—whether it’s basic maintenance or a full-fledged rebuild. It’s not just about a sense of accomplishment. It’s deeper than that. It’s almost soulful. To some degree, it’s the feeling of being in control of one’s destiny. And in these hectic times, that’s truly a rarity.

Enter the new Advance Auto Parts auto blog. We love talking about this stuff, too. And we couldn’t think of a better way to interact with our friends and customers than through a DIY blog—dedicated to all things driving.

Our bloggers share the passion. We’re proud to feature a host of featured DIY blogs dedicated to the cause. While he may seem like your typical suburban dad on the surface, The Mechanic Next Door is anything but. He brings a wealth of knowledge and DIY auto repair stories from the neighborhood to the table. The DIY Mom has a keen insight into cars—one that only a mother could have. Make sure you’re on your best behavior when you read her blog! Rural Tales showcases stories from places situated far off the beaten path, while Street Talk drifts into tuner territory, with conversations on the latest in high-performance imports. Finally, our Gearhead’s Garage is the place to go to get into American Steel—muscle cars, hot rods, classics and more.

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Jim Kazliner
Editor, DIY’er


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