Name That Part revealed – Cast Piston

Based on the number of correct answers we’ve received on our Facebook page, a lot of you are familiar with this week’s mystery part…the “Cast Piston.” Well done!

For more info on this particular cast piston, visit our site to check it out.

Thanks for playing Name That Part – See you next week!

Cast Piston



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  1. john alleman says:

    i usaualy know most parts you do

  2. I knew this one finally because the company i work for used to cast them

  3. haha i was right!!! sweet. i said it was a crappy cast piston. lol

  4. Iguessed a piston. I thought I won a tee shirt for sure. Better luck next time.

  5. Brenda Short says:

    why don’t you tell what the other parts are.

    • All Name That Part parts are revealed the day after they are originally posted. Prior to last week we posted the part on Facebook. One of the reason’s we’re posting the reveals on our blog now is so that you can find them easily when you want to look for them. Please visit often!

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