Making great strides in finding a cure for Type 1 diabetes!


Advance Auto Parts partners with JDRF


Folks, if you’ve ever known someone stricken with Type 1 diabetes, this should be of interest to you. Advance Auto Parts has been partnering with one of the disease’s most active adversaries, the JDRF since 1994, and has raised in excess of $35 million to date.

Each year, we kick off our store “Sneaker” campaign, where Advance customers and Team Members can purchase colorful, decorative paper sneakers in specified amounts. Our recent store Sneaker campaign began this past August and ended last week.

We’re proud to announce that this year’s Sneaker campaign raised over $1.55 million! This is in addition to other charity initiatives and events dedicated to the cause.

Advance Auto Parts would like to thank everyone for their generosity to help put an end to Type 1 diabetes. Whether you bought a sneaker, or participated in the JDRF Walk, your contributions have put us a giant step forward in finding a cure.

The Advance Team

For more information, visit the official JDRF website.


  1. Wynne and Gary Bacon says:

    Hi Jim! This is a very well-written article–short, concise, and informative. It is good to know that Advance Auto Parts is involved in this sort of thing.

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