Need more clarity? Boost your visibility this season.

Winter driving safetyReduced visibility can play a key role in traffic accidents. Lowered visibility can occur because of darkness or weather conditions such as snow or rain. No matter the cause, motorists often aren’t as careful as they should be.

The bottom line: driving in poor weather adds to the risk factor, boosting the possibility of skidding off the road, being involved in a crash and other similar events. However, there are things you can do to reduce the possibility of an accident.

Twenty-five percent of the average person’s driving is night driving, which is a more challenging time to travel.

According to PennState Environmental Health and Safety:
• Car crash fatalities happen three times more often at night
• More than half (55%) of fatal accidents happen at night
• Pedestrian fatalities happen much more often after dark (62%)

Some useful safe driving tips in times of reduced visibility, such as night driving, include:
• Slowing down
• Staying alert
• Using headlights
• Putting a safe distance between your car and the vehicle ahead of you; this is especially important when it’s a large truck, as their spray can cause additional problems with visibility
• Choosing the middle lane during wet driving conditions
• Taking advantage of tracks in the snow made by other vehicles and driving in those tracks
• Avoiding puddles

What should you do now?

• Set up a regular schedule to check your windshield wipers. New wipers are available at Advance Auto Parts. Get free installation with purchase.*
• Always keep a supply of extra windshield washer fluid.
• Check your car lights periodically.
• If your headlights are foggy or dim, purchase a headlight restoration kit.
• Use Rain-X on your windshield. Rain-X acts as a repellant on your windshield for rain, sleet or snow.
• Always carry an emergency car kit.

Editor’s note: Wow, that’s a lot to think about. Make it easy on yourself by heading to your local Advance Auto Parts store for safe driving tips and answers on how to keep your vision in check this winter. 

*Most vehicles, most store locations.


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