Name That Part revealed – Torque Strut Mount

Congratulations to all who knew that this week’s part was, without a doubt, a “Torque Strut Mount!”

For those needing a torque strut mount, you can find it, read about it, and, of course, buy it on our site.

Just be sure you have your vehicle information entered correctly so you get the one that fits your vehicle! There’s nothing worse than getting the wrong torque strut mount…okay, maybe there are worse things, like buying a turkey that’s too big to fit in your oven and not realizing it until Thanksgiving morning. It’s times like that when you wish they had fitment requirements for more than just cars and trucks, right?

Happy Thanksgiving everyone! We are grateful for all of those who play Name That Part with us each week. Without you, well, it would just be called “That Part,” and that’s just not nearly as much fun.

Anchor Torque Strut Mount – Available at Advance Auto Parts


Editor’s note: I’m not sure how I could possibly top this week’s installment, so I’ll just say to keep an eye on our site these next few days for amazing deals left and right! Happy T-Day to all!

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