What’s new in car interior accessories and features?

Advance Auto PartsHere are tips about some of the car interior accessories and features available today:

Climate control systems

A simple AC system is no longer enough. Dual or even three-zone climate control systems are now important, since second or third row passengers now want to have their own temperature dials with their own gradient levels.

How many ways can you adjust power seats?

Power seats are a must—and, the more ways that you can adjust power seats, the better, especially for the driver. But a seat should also be orthopedically designed. A 6-, 8- or 10-way power seat might look good but, if it can’t support your back, it’s not for you.

Leather is great, but with kids in tow, synthetic or vinyl seats can do the job and are easy to clean.

Center car console

A well-designed center car console will hold your beverage, phone, iPod, book or other items such letters, lists and CDs. A poorly designed center car console will not.

User-friendly car navigation system

Gone are the days when turning on a radio meant just one volume button and another for stations. These days a car navigation system, coupled with  AM/FM/satellite radio, CDs, Bluetooth and MP3 input, is usually condensed into a single unit that is mounted in the center of the dashboard.  However, not all car navigation systems are comprehensive, intuitive or easy to use.

According to the J.D. Power and Associates 2011 U.S. Interior Quality and Satisfaction Study (released on September 16, 2011), it is a well designed interior that satisfies most new car owners — and is worth recommending to others. Car makers, take note!

Some of their findings:

1. The top five issues with interiors all focus on design rather than technical problems. Here they are: material that stains or scuffs too easily; hard to use cruise control and/or badly placed controls for the system; hard to use cup holders; hard to use center console; and poorly placed or difficult to use door locks.

2. People who are satisfied with their car interiors tend to recommend their car brand to others, with 74% of new-vehicle owners saying they definitely would do so.

3. People who are satisfied with their car interiors tend to buy or lease from the same car maker, with 50% of new-car owners saying they definitely would do so.

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