Car audio systems: tips for your new or used car.

Advance Auto PartsIt used to be that once you bought a new car, the next step was to take out the factory car audio system and then install aftermarket audio components. This is not true today.

Factory car audio systems available from the manufacturer range from basic to high quality. For example, you can get a basic system from Chrysler or an upgraded Infinity branded stereo that is better suited for the audiophile. Such a stereo will have more features and a better bass response, as well as a higher potential for volume.

Plus, the upgraded stereo system will fit with the rest of the car and will match the rest of the car’s dashboard. The knobs and dials will also match the rest of the car and often you’ll find steering wheel controls, which add convenience to the whole system. And, of course, the factory car audio will be covered under the car’s warranty, should service problems arise.

There are more aspects of factory car audio systems to consider.

The cost of a factory radio is higher; the factory radio is not easy to upgrade, and replacing it with another system can be more difficult.

On the plus side, a factory car audio system will save you installation costs, look better in your car, and sound pretty good to boot!

Used car questions: what’s the best choice of audio for me?

If you’re planning to purchase a used car, buying an aftermarket audio system poses its own set of challenges. Researching the audio system that will work with your car is worthwhile. It will probably raise the following used car questions:


  • What speakers should I install?
  • How about a sub-woofer?
  • How about the power requirements of the new system?
  • Do I need to re-wire the car’s audio system to handle the added power?
  • How much will it cost? (The cost of an aftermarket system can sometimes get out of hand.)


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  1. I do agree with the facts you provide while going for audio system installation for new & used car. But its hard to differentiate which one can be better for guys who’ve no knowledge of it. I think get the same from factory can be better all ways at least one can rely on company products & can be easily modified or exchanged later if it doesn’t work that way.

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