How Far Can You Really Go on Empty?

gas_gauge_emptyYou know when that pesky little light goes off on your dashboard? No, not the “check engine” light. At Advance Auto Parts, we know exactly what to do with that one. Pull on up to one of our stores and ask a Team Member to use a code scanner to help diagnose the likely problem.

We’re talking about that other light—the one that tells you that you’re going to run out of gas soon! But how soon?

Recently, we were able to track down some statistical evidence that may help you make a more informed decision. Check it out at It’s a simple little site that gathers facts and stories from car owners about how far their car will go after the empty gas tank light comes on.

Acura CL


As an example, seven people have said their Acura CL will go 60 miles before it’s really out of gas! Most people voted in the 35-45 mile range for this particular vehicle.

The site also features some entertaining stories, if you have the time.

So, what do you drive and how far can you go on empty?  Tell us in the comments section!


  1. I have a Honda Accord (two door), 2006. 60 miles would be pushing it – at least emotionally. But I’ve done 40+, and still put less than 16 gallons in the tank on filling up. I’ve *never* put more than 15.5 in my 17 gallon tank. So 60 miles could be within reason depending upon MPG.

  2. I used to have a 1993 Ford Taurus 3.8L sedan and after the empty tank light went off, I managed to go another 50 miles before the car sputtered and died. I just made it to the gas pump – mind you not gas station, but gas pump !!

    Now I have a Ford Explorer and in the worst of times I have done 45 miles after the light. Dont want to risk getting stranded.

  3. I’ve had several different type vehicles, and all of them very on the fuel gauge ! So would let me drive way past empty and others would out as soon as it hit empty. Now with these new vehicles , you have to keep at least a quarter tank, are you will burn out your fuel pump. So I stop at a half or little less and fill up. If you have ever had to replace a fuel pump and see what it cost, you will change your way of driving!!!!

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