April is Car Care Month and its theme is: “Be Car Care Aware”

Advance Auto PartsIf you take away only one message from the April 2013 Car Care Month campaign, it should be that there are significant benefits of regular car maintenance and repair.

In 2012, at community-based vehicle inspections held across the country in April and October, a full 77% of inspected vehicles needed service or parts. The biggest car maintenance issues uncovered were:

  • 22% of the cars needed their oil changed
  • 20% of the cars had problems with their cooling systems
  • 18% of the cars needed brake services

Other issues found included:

  • 8% of the vehicles had the “check engine light” on
  • 19% of the vehicles needed new air filters
  • 14% of the vehicles needed at least one belt changed
  • 11% of the vehicles needed maintenance with the battery cables, clamps and/or terminals
  • 10% of the batteries in the vehicles were not properly held down

For even more service and parts issues uncovered, see “Three Out of Four Cars Need Service.”

Car Care Council offers plenty of car care tips

To keep your vehicle running well during Car Care Month and throughout the year, the Car Care Council has identified the 10 most important car maintenance priorities. And if you, like a growing number of Americans, want to be more “green” in your driving habits, here are tips to increased green driving, even if you can’t buy a new, more environmentally-friendly car right now. Ready to go even greener? Here are tips on what’s the newest, latest and greatest in green car technology.

With that, we look forward to seeing you on the road this driving season!

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