Must . . . wipe . . . out . . . Smell in Car . . .

Advance Auto PartsDoes it seem like I’m gasping for air? My kids say they are whenever I suggest that we pile into the truck instead of our other vehicles. “Mom, we’re not going in until you get the odor out!!!”

My auto interior needed a serious scrub down. I’m up for troubleshooting moving-part problems, but I’m still a work-in-progress with keeping it clean inside and out. Since I get engrossed with any car-related matter once I learn more about it, then keeping my crew cab truck immaculate should be no different. Because I spend more time in an auto interior as opposed to its exterior, I started inside.

Once in, it’s the first thing that assaults the senses. My kids have christened it Smell in Car. What got the odor in? Leftover smells from gorgonzola-and-onion tarts, curry-chicken empanadas, and deep-fried Italian rice balls — our catering company’s top-selling appetizers! We deliver all week to local cafes and other small eateries. Delish to devour, but when aromas mix and mingle, they become a stale, stagnant bouquet that lingers in an auto interior. My kids refused to get anywhere near the truck until I chased the odor out.

So it was me against this villainous Smell in Car. I needed expert advice on getting the odor out so I checked and other trusty auto-care sites for tips on getting the odor out. Learned about the latest odors remover products that’ll keep the car interior upholstery looking and smelling good, too. After all, it’s the car interior upholstery that absorbs and becomes home to that notorious nuisance, Smell in Car.

To get the odor out, you need the right tools to usher out any fiendish Smell in Car from your car interior upholstery, like:

  • Baking soda — use it the way you use it at home to deodorize your carpet: sprinkle some on, let it set for a few hours, then vacuum
  • AC filter — if you haven’t changed it lately, install a new one and let it circulate and clarify the auto interior air
  • Handheld steam cleaner — the natural power of high-pressure steam tackles odors without harsh chemicals

As for those latest auto interior odors remover products, they range from new, organic/environmentally-friendly formulations, to the tried-and-true names we grew up with that’re now amped up with added deodorizing muscle. All are safe for most car interior upholstery types. I liked:

As a result, that scandalous Smell in Car has been lifted from my auto interior. I think I could like this concept of keeping a car clean and the odor out. And my kids will enjoy this nice breath of fresh air.

Editor’s Note: Advance Auto Parts can help you prevail in the fight against foul odors.Text “Spring” to 36898 to save now. Up to 5 messages per month; message & data rates may apply

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  1. Maybe can try out the conventional car ionizer to dispel the smell.
    I got an ionizer in my car, it works great 🙂

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