Name That Part revealed – Ignition Breaker Points

Kudos to our fans who guessed this week’s mystery part was “Ignition Breaker Points.” That one wasn’t easy!

For more information about this Ignition Breaker Points visit Advance Auto Parts.

Thanks for playing and we’ll see you on Facebook next Monday for another round of Name That Part!


Ignition Breaker Points

Ignition Breaker Points

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  1. Steve Garrity says:


  2. how about some modern day parts that people still use? who still uses points? i bet if you posted a pic of a coil pack none of these old timers would guess it, it would be a bunch of 20 somethings like myself. just sayin. dino parts that noone uses is more like “remember this part” and less of a name game. old farts.

    • The Advance Team says:

      Hey Chris, thanks for the comment. We hear you! We try to pick a wide variety of auto parts. We’ve had people say the same thing you’re saying, and we have those who say the exact opposite. The comment we get the most is “this is too easy!” So we just try to switch it up, keep it interesting for everyone from experts, beginners, young folks and seasoned gearheads.

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