Celebrate Audio Book Appreciation Month

Audio BooksIf you have a long commute to work each day or if you are planning a road trip in the near future, you know how tedious the driving can become. One way to perk yourself up is by listening to an audio book, with June being the official Audio Book Appreciation Month.

Audio book choices range from nonfiction to fiction bestsellers, from readings of poetry and much more. You can play a CD in your auto’s dashboard or download an app for your iPhone, iPad, Android, Kindle Fire or Windows Phone. You can get free audio books from your public library or you can pay a membership fee from a commercial site, with Audible (owned by Amazon) perhaps being the most well known.

This month, make boring car rides a thing of the past!

And, tell us what audio books you’ve especially liked!

June has also played host a to a few other car-related movements that are relevant all year long: 

National Tire Safety Week

From June 2-8, the Rubber Manufacturers Association sponsored National Tire Safety Week, using the slogan of “Be Tire Smart – Play Your Part” as they educate people on how to make sure their tires are in good shape. One tip is to visually inspect your tires once a month and before each long trip. Be sure to also do an inflation pressure check of all tires during each inspection, including your spare tire.

Find more information on tire safety, including tire quizzes that test your knowledge on safety.

National Automotive Service Professionals Week

From June 9-16, the National Institute for Automotive Service Excellence (ASE) sponsored the National Automotive Service Professionals Week to thank and honor people who service and maintain today’s “highly complex vehicles.” ASE is a non-profit agency that tests and certifies professionals in auto repair and service. Being certified by this agency is the mark of a true professional. Certifications must be renewed every five years.

Did you know that Advance Auto Parts has thousands of ASE Certified Team Members standing by to share insights and advice, and answer questions? Contact your local Advance Auto Parts store to find out more.

Editor’s note: as you’re exploring new audio options for your commute, make sure you’ve got the right audio equipment in tow. Advance Auto Parts has a wide selection of car sound systems, speaks and more. 


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