July honors female riders: Women’s Motorcycle Month…and more

Motorcycle WomanAccording to a 2010 press release from Allstate Insurance, women comprise one third of people completing motorcycle safety classes, even though only 1 in 10 motorcyclists are female. That says plenty about these women’s attention to safety, and Women’s Motorcycle Month both honors that and shares safety tips to reduce the likelihood of accidents even further.

The number of women riding motorcycles will probably continue to increase, so Advance Auto Parts would like to share a link to Consumer Reports’ 10 motorcycle safety tips for new riders published in April 2013. Among the most important are to stick to the speed limit and to avoid drinking alcohol if you plan to ride. Discover plenty more great information in the Consumer Reports article.

Air Conditioning Appreciation Days: July 3 through August 15

When the dog days of summer hit, air conditioning in our vehicles, homes and workplaces makes daily life much more enjoyable. In fact, a 2002 press release about Air Conditioning Appreciation Days asks the following questions about air conditioning: “How many tempers have been quelled? How has productivity been increased? How many technologies have been allowed to develop? How many medical problems have been alleviated and how has our quality of life been improved because of air conditioning?”

The answer to each question is probably something like . . . a whole bunch.

Collector Car Appreciation Day: July 12

According to Wikipedia, Collector Car Appreciation Day honors automotive restoration and collection. It became a day of celebration in 2010, partly because of the U.S. Senate resolution 513, sponsored by Jon Tester (MT) and Richard Burr (NC).

That first year, groups and clubs sponsored car cruises, open houses and the like, with more than 100 events taking place in more than 40 states. If you have a collector car, we’d love to see a photo! Please send it to [email address] with some information about the car, when you purchased it and what restoration you’ve done.

Editor’s note: Visit the Advance Auto Parts Motorcycle Maintenance Center for a wide variety of motorcycle essentials. In the meantime, let us know what summer projects you’ve got going on this month.

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    July honors female riders during Women’s Motorcycle Month. — Advance Auto Parts – DIY Garage Blog

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