How to participate in eco driving all year long

Advance Auto PartsEco driving means embracing green driving habits and practices. To quote Chase Calendar, this practice “produces the highest mileage from every single vehicle, regardless of vehicle size and age, so it offers an unmatched reach in addressing energy and climate issues by potentially affecting the nation’s entire fleet of 245 million automobiles.”

In May 2008, the formal commitment to this environmentally-friendly form of driving was celebrated at a bipartisan event sponsored by then-governors Arnold Schwarzenegger (California) and Bill Ritter (Colorado). After the launch, the governors of Georgia, Idaho, Michigan, Oklahoma, Utah and Kentucky all gave their public support. This initiative and support led to May being officially named as National EcoDriving Month–but the tips provided work all year round.

Green driving tips by the Auto Alliance

Ready for two amazing statistics? If everyone used green driving practices, this would be equivalent to heating and powering nearly 8 cities the size of Los Angeles and the average driver could expect to increase fuel efficiency by 15% or more.

Tips given to save money on gas and to reduce carbon footprints fall into two general categories: driving habits and car maintenance. Some of the driving habits to cultivate include:

• Avoid rapid starts and stops (according to the U.S. EPA, this could save you more than $1 per gallon)

• Maintain constant speed (according to a test conducted by, using your cruise control can reduce your fuel costs by 7%)

• Follow the speed limit and, wherever legal and possible, do not exceed 60 miles per hour (this can improve mileage by anywhere from 7 to 23%)

Car maintenance tips that contribute to a green driving lifestyle include:

• Read your owner’s manual to do what’s right for your specific vehicle

• Use the recommended motor oil

• Schedule or perform regular tune-ups

• Change filters regularly

• Check tire pressure monthly and keep the proper pressure

For more information, download The EcoDriver’s Manual by the Auto Alliance from the U.S. Forest Service site.


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  1. Hopefully more and more drivers will begin to embrace eco driving habits. Great post!

  2. Carbon footprints…. **rolls eyes***

  3. Ruben Cortez says:

    Well if you tell me , my dad dosen’t do two things to vehicals . he dose not change the oil and he dose not winterize the vehicals .

  4. It will never happen. Women try to multitask, don’t pay attention, then stomp drive, making green driving not possible.

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