Road trips…and what to get the niece who has everything

Advance Auto PartsIt’s in the air this time of year. The heat that justifies an air conditioner set on high. That urge to go driving in the summer. That desire to tie the knot.

Lucky for our family, we’ll be indulging in them all, thanks largely to our niece. Yes, the perennially engaged niece, at long last, is getting married in a couple weeks at an outdoor resort—the kind that attracts lovestruck vacationers who love to go driving in the summer, whether it’s early, late, whenever. This destination wedding and newfound vacation spot is the perfect way for us to celebrate before sending our kids back to school.

While I love my niece to pieces, I have to admit, she’s gone a little crazy with her gift requests. Seems like the couple has all of their many bases covered except for one: cars. And it’s not hard to see why. I seriously doubt that either of them has ever completed an oil change or has even checked their own tire pressure. With that, my husband and I have resolved to buying them a ratchet set and roadside safety kit for their new life together, as we agreed that those would be good places to start.

As for us, we’re going to treat our four-wheeled baby to a few things for the trip. Towing products plus A/C accessories and parts to be specific. Driving in the summer for this wedding requires these essentials. The air conditioner will protect us from the heat, the towing products will enable us to create our home away from home.

We’ll be loading up our gear, provisions and wedding gifts into our caravan: the SUV and diesel crew cab truck (borrowed from our business that my partner and I will be shuttering for two weeks; she’ll be on vacation too and won’t be doing much driving, or have need for an air conditioner or towing products: she’s sailing on an Alaskan cruise!)

Hooked to work’s truck will be those towing products. These lifelines will be securing the travel trailer. By investing in this rental, a few towing products, and a space at a great RV campground and resort (complete with hook-ups and dump stations, thankfully) that’s also close to the wedding/reception site, our vacation is set.

Couple that with seeing relatives again, bonding with my own family, and attending the wedding of a delightful couple who will finally discover all the wonders of being married. And to think that towing products, a fully functioning air conditioner and a ritual of driving in the summer all have the power to make me feel complete. 

As summer winds down, do you have any travel plans? Let us know here.

Editor’s note: If you’ve got a road trip in your future, check out this handy infographic for helpful tips.



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