Online buying patterns and tips

Advance Auto PartsShopping on the Internet has become a routine part of life for many people, and not just during the holidays. According to an infographic based on the June 2010 Nelson Global Consumer Report:

  • 74% of the population uses the Internet
  • 66% of Internet users purchase products and services online
  • In 2010, Americans spent $186 billion online

These online shopping statistics indicate even more activity in the future, with online buying projected to reach $250 billion by 2014.

More online shopping statistics

These statistics are from the Global Online Shopper Report:

  • Globally, 69% of online shoppers use credit cards to complete their transactions
  • Globally, shoppers spend about five hours per months on online buying transactions
  • And, just for fun: 95% of people are physically in their homes when making an Internet-based purchase, more specifically:
    • 54% are in the living room
    • 43% are in the bedroom
    • 3% are in the bathroom

Read the full report for even more info.

Online auto parts shopping tips

If you’re new to shopping on the Internet–or even if you aren’t–then you may find these online auto parts shopping tips to be helpful:

  • Use the Advance Auto Parts live chat feature when ordering parts and tools. This free service is available seven days a week, and representatives can answer your questions and guide your purchases so you get the right parts the first time.
  • If you need your auto parts on the same day, you can choose the convenient in-store pickup option and pick up your parts at the Advance Auto Parts store nearest you. You can even pick up one part of your order at the store closest to your home, another part at the store closest to your office and so forth if that’s what you indicate during your purchase.  Lots of flexibility!
  • You can also return or exchange items purchased online at an Advance Auto Parts store.

See you online!


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  1. Kyler Brown says:

    I need to get a new evap canister for my wife’s Honda Civic. I definitely don’t want to have to buy a brand new part because of how expensive they are. Thanks for sharing with me some of these tips, and I’ll be sure to try out the live chat feature!

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