GPS Volume 2: How features benefit you…and more

Garmin NuviPeople typically use a GPS to determine the best route to their destinations. If you hate busy highways, you can request a route that relies more heavily on local roads, and vice versa. It can help you find the nearest restaurant, gas station and the like and typically offers spoken directions (“turn right at the next intersection”) to help you switch into the proper lane and otherwise make your trip more smooth and problem free.

Once the door is opened, so to speak, GPS technology can provide a slew of information that the driver didn’t know was available.

GPS devices can also:

• Monitor your vehicle mileage
• Keep track of how many miles you drove on your latest vacation or business trip
• Watch your speed for you

If you loan your car to your teenager, you might appreciate that it can record:

• Each destination and the streets driven to arrive there
• How long the vehicle remained at a particular location
• Speed warnings

GPS technology can also come to the rescue if someone steals your vehicle, once it is integrated with your anti-theft system. You can request that the GPS either email you or call you to let you know that your car alarm went off, and to share where the vehicle is currently located.

Worried about car maintenance? Some GPS units can let you know when it’s time to recharge or replace your car battery or to change your oil. If your locks freeze, you can contact your device through your cell phone and unlock your car.

Though GPS technology is gaining popularity in cars, one problem still exists.

Signals can get blocked. If you’re driving through a mountain range, as just one example, GPS devices may not work. The same can happen when you’re traveling through a national state park full of trees or through tunnels. Give the experts time, though, and they’ll most likely improve upon this challenge.


Editor’s note: Discover more about the history of GPS devices and stay tuned for more info about GPS for cars, including the leading brands.

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