Three Good Reasons to Change Your Own Oil

Life is busy. So you’ll be forgiven for thinking that a discussion about changing your own motor oil seems about as appealing as a lecture from your dentist about flossing more regularly. Why should you take precious time, a limited resource, and spend it changing your own oil? Here are three reasons.

motor oil

1. It’s cheaper

Money is a precious resource for many of us. So, it’s enticing to know that changing your own oil saves you green. Typical cars require four to five quarts of motor oil. You’ll also need a new oil filter to finish the job. Guess how much these items cost at an auto parts store. $40? $50? Good news—you can get out the door for around $20-30 bucks, especially if you take advantage of the regular oil change specials. Cheaper than you thought, right?

Now, you may see a $19.99 oil change advertised at the local quick-lube station, but there are a few problems with that.

  1. First, they tend to use generic, one-size-fits-all motor oil that may not be the best quality. One of the great things about DIY is that you get to buy whatever kind of oil you want.
  2. Second, that cheap oil change and convenience comes at a cost—the hard-sell on all sorts of other services that may be a waste of your money and time.
  3. Third, no one cares about your car more than you do. You’ll do a great job because it matters to you.

In short, you’ll save money changing your own oil and gain peace of mind.


Check out oil change specials for deals on the oil and oil filter to save some cash.

2. It’s easier—and faster—than you think

You can change your own oil using a few basic tools. We can help you choose the best oil for your vehicle and even recycle your used oil. As for time—how much time do you already spend waiting in a crowded lobby for someone else to change your oil? With a little experience, you’ll be able to change your own oil in far less time, without ever leaving home.

3. It helps you avoid larger repairs

Changing your own oil can be just the beginning. While you’re changing your oil and filter, for example, it’s also easy to check the drive and accessory belts, air filter, and spark plugs. That way you can catch simple maintenance issues before they become major repairs or problems. DIYing can be addictive, in the best way. So give the oil change a shot, feel pride in your knowledge, and see if the experience turns into a bridge to more exciting projects down the line.

Have you changed your own oil? Do you have tips to share for making it an even easier project? Share your experience with new DIYers.


  1. This hitsnit right on the money. First DIY was changing my oil. Then I saw my serp belt was cracked and realized how simple that was to change. Just changed my cabin, engine air and fuels filters. Next up is plugs. With a bit of willingness, some tools and knowledge, you can save yourself hundreds and over time thousands on car repair and maintenance. I know my limits and leave certain jobs to the pros. Anything I can do I will and walk away with the satisfacrion of knowing the job is done right with the parts/fluids/filters I choose. I turn to and rely on AAP for the majority of the parts I use.

  2. Skai Shadow says:

    So true…an Idler pulley replacement was my first DIY on my (now sold) ’96 Taurus. I got such a confidence boost, I changed the oil then did a brake job. Sadly the trans started to go and selling her was the best option. However my thirst for doing more myself transferred over to my current people mover (’05 Isuzu Ascender) continues to lead me to try more complex repairs (fan clutch, water pump, thermostat, brakes…now studying and saving for a front suspension rebuild. Blogs like this one are so helpful and empowering for the non mechanically inclined desk jockey like me. Thanks!

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