Eight Facts You Didn’t Know About the Ford F-150

You can’t drive down a road in America without spotting at least a handful of Ford F-150 trucks. No surprise, really; the F-150 has been our country’s best-selling truck for years (keep reading to find out how many Ford has sold). You’re all pretty familiar with these trucks, so tell us, did you know these facts about the F-150?

1948 Ford F1

1948 Ford F1

1) The great-great-grandfather to the F-150 was the Ford F-1 which debuted for 1948. It quickly became a favorite of farmers and small business owners. Despite its name, it never participated in a Formula 1 race.

2) The F-150 moniker itself debuted for the 1975 model year, as the name for Ford’s half-ton pickup which slotted between the lighter-duty F-100 and the heavier-duty F250. Massive popularity soon ensued.

3) How massive? So much so that the Ford F-Series has been not only the best-selling pickup for nearly 40 years running, but the best-selling vehicle for the last 34 years. It has consistently outsold such hugely popular rides as the Honda Accord and Toyota Camry.

4) The F-Series trucks are so popular that their total production comes in at a whopping 35 million trucks. Ford sells an F-Series truck every minute of every day and sold closer to a truck and a half per minute in 2015.

1976 Ford F-150 Ranger

1976 Ford F-150 Ranger

5) Long before it became the model name for its compact pickup truck introduced in the early ’80s, Ford used the “Ranger” label in the ’60s and ’70s to denote an upscale trim level of the F-Series.


2003 Ford F-150 Harley-Davidson

6) Truck and motorcycle enthusiasts had a moment of zen when Ford offered a Harley-Davidson edition of the F-150 at various times through the late-1990s and into the 2000s. It sported plenty of black leather and shiny chrome trim in tribute to the iconic American motorcycle. High-rise handlebars and loud exhaust pipes, however, were not on the options list.

2001 Ford F-150 Lightning

2001 Ford F-150 Lightning

7) Do you remember the Ford F-150 Lightning? It’s hard to forget it. Initially available from 1993 through 1995 with a 240-hp, 5.8-liter V8, the Lightning came thundering back for 1999 after a three year hiatus sporting a supercharged 5.4-liter V8. Produced through 2004, that Ford muscle truck could sprint to 60 mph in as quick as 5.2 seconds.

8) 2016 F-150 marks the 68th year of the iconic truck. Keep ’em coming, Ford.


  1. I owned a 1975 Ford F-100 Ranger that I bought after me and my unit got back to Ft. Bragg NC from Desert Shield/Desert Storm in March 1991. I owned it for two years.

  2. Great info, I have owned a 79,86,2-93’s,2000 and now a 2015. guess I love em”

  3. Robert "Rhino" Yesensky says:

    I loved my NASCAR 1998 F150. It was a very sweet ride.

  4. Melissa Shelton says:

    I have a 1997 F150 and it was bought brand new by my mom and I now own it. It’s been a great dependable truck and I love it. Of course the color is Red and it’s extended cab with the 3rd door

  5. I’m a chevy man but drive tow trucks and love the Ford Super Duty. Nice beautiful comfortable and strong.

  6. Jon Byers says:

    Have had a few Ford F150’s & F350’s over the years. IMPO all have been excelent trucksw…

  7. I love the Ford F-150 series of trucks, best vehicle I ever bought!!

  8. I love the Ford F-150 series trucks, best vehicle I’ve ever owned!

  9. Great trucks

  10. My folks got me an F100 to drive to high school in 1971. Straight 6 with 3 speed on the column. Used to haul my teammates to football practice with it. Great truck – they called it the Blue Goose!

  11. Cory backer says:

    Oh boy

  12. JAMES KING says:


  13. Thomas guisto says:

    I have a ford f150 has a miss heard the plugs on theese have a defect had one pop out mine is a 1999 model want to know if ford offers a repair option since it is a defect problem.

  14. Jeffrey Starling says:

    Wish I had a lightning

  15. Eleanor Mcneil says:

    Every man in my family owns a for f-150 lol, its been a family favorite since my grandfather bought his in 1990 I believe I’m right with the year lol.

  16. I love my fords…driving a 93 exploder now..when I need another one, it will be an f-150.

  17. David Willoughby says:

    The best truck made

  18. Mark Gramaglia says:

    Next truck will be a Ford.

  19. Tiffany Crowley says:

    Confirmation of what this chick already knew! I’m a an F-150 aficionado but all the gifts have been claimed ???

  20. I have owned 3 F- 150’so. A 1982,1998,and currently own an 04 Supercross.

    Loved them all.

  21. I owned two Ford Rangers (small ones) and four full size Fords..I made the mistake of trying a 1991 GMC..Two manifolds, two computers, steering box, two sets rear axle seals,one exhaust, dashboard lights and two sets e-brake cables all in four years..!! I went back to Fords and have no regrets. Ford should have never used the two piece spark plugs in the Tritan V-8..$450 to replace them at the garage..The lawsuit settlement on them didn’t help me..I now have the aluminum F-150 with the 2.7 Turbo..Impressive quick..Blows away the V-8 ‘s..Ford also has the best ride because of the rear shocks being moved outside of the frame rails..This creates a ride similar to a luxury car..I feel very secure driving this truck..Fuel economy is better than the smaller Toyota V-6 I checked..Toyota’s are very strong trucks though..

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