Car + Culture: The Story Behind Houston’s Food Trucks

Food truck culture has exploded in popularity in the past few years, with adventurous chefs trying their hand at every type of cuisine you could imagine, from sushi burritos to Turkish pizza. You’ll find the trucks circled up at local weekend events or parked outside your office just in time for the lunch rush. People now use them for food at weddings too! There’s good reason for the food truck’s popularity: the food is often delicious and cheap, and a restaurant with wheels is as convenient a meal as you can get.

Marco Novo owns Chef Units, a Houston-based business that makes the food trucks you know, love, and maybe even follow on Instagram. In our latest Car + Culture video, we see how his team takes your standard truck and turns it into a roving kitchen. Shout out to Houston locals, you might spot some food truck favorites in the video too.


  1. DR NIK CHAWLA says:


  2. Michael Eak says:

    Why would you send out a video in spanish to english speaking americans?

    • Advance Auto Parts says:

      Hi Michael, if you click or tap on the “CC” button in the bottom right corner of the video player it’ll turn captions on so you can understand what they’re saying. We thought it was a pretty cool story, regardless of which language they were speaking.

    • You got good point, I respect your opinion, just try to be positive and see this as an oportunity to learn other language I’m Shure you know somebody who speak Spanish & English , have a good day, god bless you

  3. the people in the video were speaking english, but the video was in spanish. whiskey tango foxtrot , advance auto. the language here in america is still ENGLISH.

    • Hi Gary – only some of the people in the video were speaking English. Most were speaking in Spanish. If the english captions aren’t showing up for you, please click the CC button in lower right of the video player to turn them on. Whatever language they’re speaking we think the ingenuity of the food truck is worth sharing!

  4. Michael Brown says:

    That is a great way to serve the local community.

  5. Joseph Naples says:

    Very creative use of a box van as well as the positive impact these chefs are having on the industry.
    It used to be frowned upon to buy food from a lunch truck . These were once food outlets for construction and factory workers but have evolved into a culinary dynamic im most major cities.

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