The Appalachian Trail: Road Trip Version

red roofed covered bridge, stream, autumn, Hew Hampshire

The Appalachian Trail, or AT as it’s often called, is a “bucket-list” adventure for hiking enthusiasts. Hikers prepare months for the 2,100-mile journey that takes six months or more to complete. But thru-hikers aren’t the only ones who can enjoy the … [Continue reading]

Car Shocks: How They’ve Gotten Better Over the Years

car shocks

“Float like a Cadillac, sting like a bimmer." That may not have been the original phrase, coined by Muhammad Ali, but automotive enthusiasts like the pun. Cadillacs are luxurious to ride in, and BMWs inspire confidence when the roads get twisty. All … [Continue reading]

How to Tailgate: The Cars and Gear for a Great Tailgate Party

how to tailgate

Pre-game tailgating is a ritual as revered as the sporting events themselves. Friends and family come together year after year to eat great food and cheer on their team. Some tailgaters have such elaborate setups, their guests don't want to leave the … [Continue reading]

Tractor Pulling Through the Eyes of Announcer Miles Krieger

miles krieger miles beyond 300

We think it might be time for you to get to know Miles Krieger. He's a guy we'd all like to be friends with, and you might want to kick back with him too, after hearing about his dedication to tractor pulls. Miles Krieger has tractor pulling … [Continue reading]

Demolition Derbies: For the Thrill (and the Skill) of It

demolition derby

Each year millions of us attend county fairs not for the deep-fried twinkies but for the vehicular mayhem--bumper-smashing, whiplash-making, ear-splitting, grit-in-your teeth, eyes-burning-from-the-fumes demolition derbies. It’s a tradition that’s … [Continue reading]

Tuxlee Shares His Oil Change Tips

oil change tips

Hey, Tuxlee here. I’ve traveled to tons of Advance stores and automotive events, and one thing people always ask me about is changing their own oil. (My parents say I’ve done so many oil changes since I was a puppy that it turned my fur jet … [Continue reading]

Skip the Beach: Our Top 5 Mountain Road Trips

Top Five Mountain Road Trips

Labor Day Weekend is often seen as the last goodbye to summer beach trips. Which means beachgoers encounter sweltering traffic jams, crowded beaches, and higher hotel rates. But there's another way to enjoy the late summer holiday: head to the … [Continue reading]

Avoid Common Marine Engine Maintenance Mistakes

marine engine maintenance

For boat owners there’s nothing worse than having an engine that won’t start. Especially when you have a boat full of expectant skiers. Or a long line behind you at the ramp. Fortunately, there are a few maintenance tasks you can do to keep your … [Continue reading]

Crucial Cars: Mazda RX-7, Part Two

From timeless icons to everyday essentials, Crucial Cars examines the vehicles we can’t live without. For this installment, Street Talk continues to shine the spotlight on a sports car with a strong, well-deserved fan base – the Mazda … [Continue reading]

How to Extend Your Transmission’s Life


Coaxing the maximum life out of your vehicle's transmission isn't difficult if you follow some simple yet proven advice. True, the transmission is one of the most expensive parts on a vehicle to fix or replace, but knowing how to take care of your … [Continue reading]