Towing information: 10 maintenance tips before you tow

Recreational vehicles on the highway

Even when you have a vehicle built with towing capacity, there’s still plenty to check and double-check before you get on the road. First, check your owner’s manual to answer these questions: Is your vehicle designed to tow? If so, what is … [Continue reading]

Cleveland vs. Detroit: a race to Motor City


Today, the winner is clear: Henry Ford in Detroit, Michigan. But, in the early days of automobile manufacturing, the answer wasn’t so obvious – and, in fact, Alexander Winton and Cleveland, Ohio as the Motor City had the early edge. A step back in … [Continue reading]

Happy 4th from Advance!

Photo by Requel Legaspino.

We wish you and yours a safe and happy Fourth of July holiday. (And, a long weekend chock full of blazing DIY-projects!) —The Advance Team … [Continue reading]

Car Parts, Boat Parts and ATVs – more in common than you realize

Graphic by Brian Norcross.

If I met him, I don’t think I’d like Murphy simply because I really dislike his law. Whatever can go wrong will go wrong, and more often than not on my day off when I have something planned that I’ve been looking forward to for a long time. This … [Continue reading]

Diagnostic Tips When Air Conditioning Isn’t Working

Man looking at a smoking engine in his car

When summertime hits, repairs to your car’s A/C system get moved up the to-do list – fast. Here are some tips to guide you through the diagnostic process, along with information about when to replace the A/C compressor or recharge the A/C … [Continue reading]

The Top 3 Minivans for Your Family

2014 Honda Odyssey

As a mom who knows a thing or two about cars, I can only shake my head when I see yet another growing family squeezing into a three-row crossover SUV. There's a better solution out there, folks, and it's called the minivan. Whereas those crossovers … [Continue reading]

Spotlight – The Exotic Car Show 2014

Photo credit: Taylor Shenuski

We recount one of the year's most colorful car shows. For three days each April, the picturesque town of Celebration, Florida (a master-planned community developed by Disney in 1994) is taken over by melodious exhaust notes produced by some of the … [Continue reading]

Upkeep: Replacing Your Own Shocks or Struts


Recently, I decided to replace the front struts on my old Mercedes, and as I did the job, I found myself thinking: This really isn't that hard. It's true. For the uninitiated, Suspension work is mostly just bolting and unbolting. I know it's … [Continue reading]

Does Dad like cars? Don’t let him miss this road trip!

Ford Model T

Grab Dad and head out to Motor Muster this weekend for Father's Day! With winter in the rearview, it's time to get behind the wheel and just drive! So, put June 14-15 on your calendar and “Dearborn, Michigan” in your GPS, and head for the Motor … [Continue reading]

Your A/C: Car Myths Debunked!

Car_air conditioner

Myths – they’re everywhere, and particularly online. Plenty of those myths focus on cars, like the one about it being better to fill your tank in the morning because the fuel is colder and denser (it isn’t) and you’ll get more for your money (you … [Continue reading]