In a Vehicle Emergency? These Household Items Can Save the Day

SUV on the side of the road

Source | Jon Flobrant/Unsplash We all face car trouble eventually. Whether it's a vehicle that won't start or a door that's been frozen shut, issues crop up. Proper maintenance can prevent a lot of problems, but if you end up in a sticky … [Continue reading]

How Does a Turbo Work?

Engine bay

Source | Dave_7/Flickr Auto manufacturers have almost exclusively used turbochargers in sports cars or race cars in the last couple of decades. Considering their main purpose is to provide a large boost in power, that does make a lot of sense. Now … [Continue reading]

The Story of Grip Clean: How Bryce Hudson Made a Product We Love

Bryce Hudson by his motorcycle

Bryce Hudson Need to get your hands clean after working in the lawn and garden? Or worse, that nasty grease from working on the rear differential? If only there were an effective product that didn't dry out your hands. Actually, there is one: Grip … [Continue reading]

Race Fans Road Trip: Charlotte Motor Speedway and the NASCAR Hall of Fame

NASCAR Petty Driving Experience

There's nothing quite like a road trip to Charlotte, NC, to get immersed in the world of NASCAR and racing. Right off the line, the majority of NASCAR race teams are based in the area. Then you have the Charlotte Motor Speedway and the NASCAR Hall of … [Continue reading]

Our Top 3 Vehicle Evolutions in Hollywood Reboots and Remakes

A yellow 2017 Chevrolet Camaro

Whenever Hollywood experiences a box-office hit, a sequel is almost inevitable. As fun as it is to see our favorite characters change and mature, it's almost equally as exciting to see their iconic vehicles grow up. From then-and-now Camaros in … [Continue reading]

Everything You Need to Know About Tie Rod Ends

tie rod end

Source | Craig Howell/Flickr You might be thinking it's time to replace your tie rod ends, or maybe your mechanic laid down the law. Either way, it's time to first understand the basics, like what is a tie rod end, as well as the symptoms of a … [Continue reading]

Hidden Auto History Is Everywhere, Including Oklahoma City

Hupmobile building in Oklahoma City

America's automotive past is all around us, but it's usually hidden under decades of change. There were a lot more auto manufacturers back in the day, and many more car factories and dealerships. Usually, the buildings they occupied were abandoned … [Continue reading]

The Best Route 66 Attractions

Route 66

Source | Matthias/Flickr The Mother Road still delivers one of the best road-trip experiences. Originally a transportation lifeline, Route 66 developed into a unique culture of old-school Americana that can't be found anywhere else. Pick a few … [Continue reading]

No Truck? No Problem! How to Tow with Your Car

1955 Ford Ranch Wagon towing an Airstream

1955 Ford Ranch Wagon towing an Airstream, Source | Flickr A truck is great for getting work done, but what if you don't have one? Fear not—you can still make things happen. If you have a car, van, or crossover, odds are your vehicle has a tow … [Continue reading]

Crucial Cars: GMC Syclone

GMC Syclone

Imagine this: It's summer 1991 and you're cruising around in your new Mustang GT. You rumble up to a red light and notice a black Chevy S-10 with lower body skirts and fancy wheels roll up in the next lane. The streets are empty, and you sense the … [Continue reading]