Unlock Your Engine’s Hidden Horsepower

Hot Wheels Car

I'm sure you can all relate. You buy this performance car and do your custom bits, but there's still something missing. In my case, it all came down to actual performance when I punched the gas. For a while, it just frustrated me until I decided to … [Continue reading]

Three Apps to Stop Distracted Driving in Your Family

Cel phone app

Hey DIY’ers, after some much needed r-n-r for the holidays, I’m back in the driver’s seat, with a slew of DIY ideas for you and yours. For this first installment of 2014 (still can’t believe it!), I wanted to focus on something we can all relate to: … [Continue reading]

Reflections from the Racetrack

2014 Corvette Coupe

You know what, this writing gig has its perks. First I got to go to the 2013 LA Auto Show, and now I'm here to tell you about this annual track-day event for auto writers that I was privileged to attend. I've spent a lot of time daydreaming about … [Continue reading]

Where the cars are: Advance visits the Mecum automotive auction in Kissimmee


Some of our readers may be familiar with Dana Mecum’s spectacular car auctions held around the United States and broadcast live on television. For those watching at home, it’s easy to get lost in the sea of possibilities causing many to wonder … [Continue reading]

If you’re an automotive obsessive…read on!

Photo credit: The Lingenfelter Collection.

What does it take to own one of the finest performance automobile collections in the world? We sat down with Ken Lingenfelter to find out. Many of you will recognize the name Ken Lingenfelter from the bonkers twin turbo Corvettes bearing his … [Continue reading]

A behind-the-scenes look at windshield wipers


When it starts to rain, you automatically turn on your wipers, without giving it a second thought. The earliest drivers, though, couldn’t do that, because wipers didn’t yet exist. It wasn’t until November 10, 1903 that a woman from Birmingham, … [Continue reading]

Drive Your Performance Car Through Winter

Advance Auto Parts

No doubt, summer will always serve as high season for our high-performance rides and all the gnarly things we do with them. Close your eyes and remember just how good last summer’s heat felt as you hit the drift. Now, snap out of it! If that … [Continue reading]

Braking for Birds: Behold The Flying Car

Flying cars

Okay . . . you’re driving down the smog-choked road. Not really driving, more like idling since the traffic is dreadful. You could leave the highway at the next exit–if you ever get there, that is–or you could sing along with your radio for an hour … [Continue reading]

Replacing Your Headlights

Advance Auto Parts

There are basically two reasons why you'd want to replace your headlights, right? First, maybe one of your headlight bulbs burned out--a safety hazard that can get you an unwelcome ticket from the local authorities. Second, maybe you're tired of the … [Continue reading]

GPS Volume 3: finding the best navigation system for your car

Advance Auto Parts

  The third and final installment of our ongoing series on GPS systems. Choosing a GPS device can be confusing. When it comes to cars, there are four main GPS navigation system options. There are: • factory-installed systems on new cars • … [Continue reading]