Mower Time: Getting Ready for Spring

riding lawn mower

  Source | Daniel Watson/Unsplash Your lawn mower might not have a 450hp big block, but believe it or not, the same tune-up principles for your classic muscle car apply to your lawn and garden equipment. If it has an engine, it's going … [Continue reading]

The Awesome History of Pro-Touring

Pro-Touring Car

Source | Steve Ferrante/Flickr Giant wheels, perfect stance, megawatt power, and excellent handling—all wrapped in timeless muscle beauty. Pro-Touring can be the ultimate expression of the muscle car, making 50-year-old rides relevant and … [Continue reading]

Tips on Towing for First-Timers

truck towing an RV

Source | Paul Townshend/Flickr Last February alone, light-duty truck sales in the U.S. totaled over 800,000 units. Drivers are moving from traditional coupes and sedans to SUVs and pickups due to their safety, practicality and, in many cases, … [Continue reading]

5 of the Most-Coveted Classic Tuner Cars

Shelby GT500

Tuner cars are nothing new. Back in the '60s, they were called third-party muscle cars, modified by the dealership or company to increase performance over what the factory offered. Some of them took it a step further and added exclusive wheels, body … [Continue reading]

Our Forefixers: Influential Women Innovators of the Automotive Industry

Alice Ramsey

The automotive industry has a reputation (fairly or unfairly) for limiting women's roles to posing for pinup calendars next to super-fast cars. But since the very beginning, women have been an important yet underrepresented force in the industry. … [Continue reading]

Fast Fixes for Foggy, Leaky, or Cracked Windshields and Windows

Foggy windshield

Source | Steinar Engeland/Unsplash A small crack, a rock chip, a tiny leak around the edge of the door, a foggy scene when things get steamy—we've all been faced with a windshield issue at the most inopportune time. But when it happens, don't … [Continue reading]

How Does a Code Reader Work?

OBDII code reader

Source | Chris Isherwood/Flickr When that “check engine" light comes on, many drivers start thinking about their bank accounts. They wonder if they need to immediately pull over and have it towed for an expensive repair, or if the issue is … [Continue reading]

5 Incredible ATV Road Trip Destinations

View from a quad bike with woman driving an ATV in front on a sunny day.

You've de-winterized your favorite ATV, the weather is getting better and better, and you've got a serious case of the itch to get out and ride. But what if your local trails feel a bit hum-drum? Where should you go to have a great time in the dirt? … [Continue reading]

7 Tips to Help Your Vehicle Reach 200,000 Miles


Source | Peter Stevens/Flickr Now it's easier than ever to keep your car running smoothly for thousands of miles. If your vehicle has less than 50,000 miles on it today, chances are it still has 75 percent of its driving life ahead of it. That's … [Continue reading]

Thawing Out Your Toys: How to De-Winterize Motorcycles, ATVs, and More


Source | Allar Tammik/FlickrSpring hasn't sprung in many parts of the U.S., but it has started its slow and steady ascent from the south. That means sunnier days, warmer weather, and, more importantly, that it's time to pull those toys out of winter … [Continue reading]