Drive Belts 101: The Different Types (And How to Replace Them)


Drive belts are a regular vehicle maintenance item. Loud squeals, poor battery charging, and even overheating are symptoms that should lead you to investigate the drive belts on your engine and potentially replace them. But before you begin the … [Continue reading]

Community: National Motorcycle Ride Day


National Motorcycle Ride Day rolls around every year on the second Saturday in October. To celebrate, we asked motorcycle enthusiasts to share photos of their favorite bike rides or routes. We selected four winners to receive a $25 gift card for … [Continue reading]

What You Need to Know About Engine Misfires

Vehicle engine bay

Engine misfires can be a mysterious, frustrating problem—and information around them often makes them sound worse than they are. The symptoms vary by vehicle but are usually described as a stumble or brief hesitation in power delivery. An engine … [Continue reading]

Car + Culture: Appreciating Car Design in Miami

Carlos Segura has a hard time walking by a parked car without stopping. While most of us don't even glance at the Fords, Hondas, and Cadillacs dotting the road, Segura will look them up and down like it's his job. Because, in a way, it is. Segura … [Continue reading]

How Lowriders Became a Lasting Part of American Culture

lowrider history

With outrageous paint, high-end interiors, and hydraulics to adjust the ride height or even make them hop, you can't ignore the modern lowrider. This thriving automotive subculture has been around for decades, and even pre-dates the Chevrolet … [Continue reading]

Calling All Road Warriors: National Motorcycle Ride Day

national motorcycle ride day

October 8th is National Motorcycle Ride Day, so we hit Facebook and asked about your favorite routes (and for some photos of your rides). Many of you agreed with one poster, who said, “My favorite road is wherever that front tire leads me!" Other … [Continue reading]

Why You Need to Consider Your Floor Mat

car floor mats

As you probably already know, mats and liners are a rather simple cover for a vehicle's floor and footwell area, protecting the carpet from the dusty, snowy, and muddy outside world that gets tracked in by your shoes. We can't blame you if you're … [Continue reading]

Saying “Goodnight” to Summer’s Toys

winterizing summer vehicles

Cold weather is coming for most of us. It’s time to say “goodnight” to summer toys like ATVs, boats, jet skis, golf carts, and motorcycles. Before you tuck them in until spring, here are six tips to ensure a happy ending to your vehicle's long … [Continue reading]

The Appalachian Trail: Road Trip Version

red roofed covered bridge, stream, autumn, Hew Hampshire

The Appalachian Trail, or AT as it’s often called, is a “bucket-list” adventure for hiking enthusiasts. Hikers prepare months for the 2,100-mile journey that takes six months or more to complete. But thru-hikers aren’t the only ones who can enjoy the … [Continue reading]

Car Shocks: How They’ve Gotten Better Over the Years

car shocks

“Float like a Cadillac, sting like a bimmer." That may not have been the original phrase, coined by Muhammad Ali, but automotive enthusiasts like the pun. Cadillacs are luxurious to ride in, and BMWs inspire confidence when the roads get twisty. All … [Continue reading]