Crucial Cars: Mazda RX-7, Part Two

From timeless icons to everyday essentials, Crucial Cars examines the vehicles we can’t live without. For this installment, Street Talk continues to shine the spotlight on a sports car with a strong, well-deserved fan base – the Mazda … [Continue reading]

How to Extend Your Transmission’s Life


Coaxing the maximum life out of your vehicle's transmission isn't difficult if you follow some simple yet proven advice. True, the transmission is one of the most expensive parts on a vehicle to fix or replace, but knowing how to take care of your … [Continue reading]

Forgotten Fluids: Checking and Maintaining Lesser-Known Vehicle Fluids


You've probably heard a saying similar to this: just like your body, your car needs fluids to keep going. That's a truth many of us car owners grew up knowing. But we want to be more specific here—your vehicle also needs the right fluids; fluid … [Continue reading]

Read a Post – Take a Quiz

Take a Quiz

  Darn, someone beat you to it! We've given away all the Mobil 1 prizes. But you can still take a moment to learn. Just read one of these posts, then click through to take the quiz!   Our Favorite American Muscle Cars of Each … [Continue reading]

Our First Cars: Three Revs For High School Cars

Advance Auto Parts | Our First Cars

Your first car is special. It’s your first time driving on the road alone; your first grownup date with your sweetheart; and really, your first true form of independence. It may not have been the newest or most luxurious, but your high school car … [Continue reading]

Featured Road Trip: Grand Canyon National Park


There’s nothing like a summer road trip. The warm sea breeze flying through your hair as you cruise down the coast. The fresh, piney air as you trek up mountain roads. The glint of sunlight and vast expanses as you drive through desert highways. This … [Continue reading]

Enter the Garage Games

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Car + Culture: The Story Behind Houston’s Food Trucks

Food truck culture has exploded in popularity in the past few years, with adventurous chefs trying their hand at every type of cuisine you could imagine, from sushi burritos to Turkish pizza. You'll find the trucks circled up at local weekend events … [Continue reading]

Announcing: The 2016 Garage Games

Garage Games Infographic

The Advance Auto Parts Garage Games are upon us! Check out all the possible games below and join us in the competition. To enter, just choose a game(s), take a photo or video of your performance (depending on the game you enter), and post it on … [Continue reading]

Pennzoil Goes Off-Roading in Baja for Latest JOYRIDE Film

In the latest installment of their JOYRIDE film series, Pennzoil ventures to Baja California to test out the performance of their synthetic oil in the desert environment. With a focus on off-roading, the Baja edition features professional driver Rhys … [Continue reading]