9 Dream Cars You Could Actually Own (Thanks to Depreciation)

Chevrolet Corvette

Depreciation is a disappointing reality for new car owners, but it also has a bright side for those who avoid buying new: allowing magnificent machines to become easily affordable in just a few years. If you don't mind your “new" ride having some … [Continue reading]

Our Forefixers: The Winter Innovators

Winter tires

Neither snow nor rain nor gloom of night shall stop today's drivers from getting somewhere sunny and bright! Nope, we're not referring to the delivery route of your friendly neighborhood USPS worker. We're talking about cold-weather-fighting … [Continue reading]

I didn’t know they sold that!

Yes, those are fox tails hanging on a string for sale.

Advance Auto Parts opened its doors in 1932 in Roanoke, Virginia, back when driving was still in its early days and you could buy parts for just a quarter. Our stores have changed over the years, but did you know we used to sell quirky items like … [Continue reading]

Racing for the Total Newb


Do you want to go racing, but only lack the race car and professional license? That's okay! While NASCAR won't allow you on-track just yet, there are plenty of ways for the total beginner to get out there and hit the redline, safely and affordably. … [Continue reading]

Road Trip: The 5 Biggest Holiday Light Displays in America


'Tis the season for holiday light tours, where you can view thousands of twinkling lights and giant, animated reindeer from the comfort of your automobile. Whether you find these roadside displays beautiful or as tacky as a plastic leg lamp, they've … [Continue reading]

Our Forefixers: The Lighting Innovators

Prest-o-lite ad

Just as TV is enjoying a unrivaled era of quality programming, the automotive industry is experiencing a golden age of lighting. Today, manufacturers use everything from halogen to LED technology in order to illuminate the road, brighten the cabin, … [Continue reading]

Weather Stripping: Not Just for Your Home

Weather stripping

Source | Juha Lakaniemi/Unsplash Your vehicle's weather stripping is like the defensive lineman of a football team—an important player but not often seen on the highlight reel. Just as with your home, your car's weather stripping is there to keep … [Continue reading]

Holiday Recap: Our Favorite Community Posts


We're lucky to have a dedicated community of DIYers here at Advance. In fact, our customers and Team Members always seem to have great stories to share and tips to teach each other. Since Thanksgiving is all about getting together and giving thanks, … [Continue reading]

5 Hacks, Tips, and Tools to Warm Your Winter

Stay warm in winter

Whether you love winter or dread it, one thing you can't do is ignore it. Unless you live a ways south of the Mason-Dixon line, in which case, carry on. For those remaining cold few (or many), let's talk this winter's best hacks, tips, and tools for … [Continue reading]

Crucial Cars: Buick Grand National

Buick Grand National

From timeless icons to everyday essentials, Crucial Cars examines the vehicles we can't live without. For this installment, we put the spotlight on Buick's iconic '80s muscle car, the Grand National. The year 1982 marked the slow rebirth of … [Continue reading]