It’s tax time – get last-minute car deduction tips!

Truck with cash picture

The question often comes up around here at the DIY Garage on what you can and can't write off in regards to your vehicle at tax time. After doing a little digging, we found this informative piece on a deduction made possible by the The American … [Continue reading]

Top 5 Car Engines Shared Between Models

Dodge Viper engine 8.0-liter V10 picture

Our man Gearhead talks through his top interchange engines. If there's one thing that's guaranteed to light an enthusiast's hair on fire, it's a purpose-built engine that doesn't appear in any other car. Car guys like me will geek out for hours … [Continue reading]

Quick Spin: 2015 Hyundai Sonata

2015 Hyundai Sonata picture

Read our exclusive review of this latest model. If you've read any of my columns, you're probably aware that I'm a muscle car guy. A horsepower guy. Big numbers, fast times. You get the idea. But I'm also a man who likes to give credit where … [Continue reading]

The Wonders of Sea Foam

Sea Foam can picture

We explore the rich history and impact of this magical elixir. It’s a beautiful spring day and so you decide to drive to a car show and take pictures of the new vehicles on display. You carefully fold up your map of the area and put it into your … [Continue reading]

Crucial Cars: Chevy Cavalier

Chevy Cavalier 1 picture

From timeless icons to everyday essentials, Crucial Cars examines the vehicles we can’t live without. In this installment, Street Talk takes on one of the truly unsung heroes of the tuner scene. Promise you won't laugh, because we're talking about … [Continue reading]

Tech Garage TV review

Tech Garage photo

Read our review of the Velocity Channel's popular DIY show. Do you look forward to seeing how big The Donald’s hair is this week while two celebrities engage in a boardroom battle? Do you enjoy watching “real” housewives fight one another? Are you … [Continue reading]

The neighborhood service station — a dying breed?

Gas station

Our Mechanic Next Door reminisces about this steadily declining American institution--where many DIY'ers and professional mechanics first got started.   Frank’s Gulf Gas and Service Station was a slightly intimidating place to a five year … [Continue reading]

Cracking the code: your vehicle identification number

VIN code photo

The VIN (vehicle identification number) of your car has been described as its fingerprint – no other vehicle can have the exact same one, even if the other vehicle is close enough to yours to be its “twin.” It’s also been compared to your car’s … [Continue reading]

Euro Tripper 2015: Advance on the Fort Myers scene

EuroTripper 1 picture

Check out this amazing photo exhibit from recent events in Fort Myers. Enthusiasts from around the world love a quality car show – and it just doesn’t get better than Euro Tripper 3. Some shows are only about the cars, while others are also a … [Continue reading]

Crucial Cars: Chevrolet Blazer

Chevrolet Blazer picture

From timeless icons to everyday essentials, Crucial Cars examines the vehicles we can’t live without. In this installment, Ol' Man Gearhead digs up some dirt on one of his favorite SUV's—the iconic Chevy Blazer. When you think about the Chevrolet … [Continue reading]