Japanese Classic Cars: Legally Harnessing Godzilla

Photo Cred: Motorweek.org

In an episode of MotorWeek (May 8, 2015) titled “Over the Edge: Driving a R32 Nissan Skyline GT-R,” you can see what it’s like to drive Godzilla without “selling body parts” to get such a vehicle: https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=HRLJPAqgiI0 The … [Continue reading]

Crucial Cars: Chevrolet Camaro

1988 Camaro IROC-Z

From timeless icons to everyday essentials, Crucial Cars examines the vehicles we can’t live without. For this installment, Gearhead's Garage puts the spotlight on Chevrolet's iconic sport coupe, the Camaro. Back when the Chevrolet Camaro … [Continue reading]

Offbeat Car-Related Collections

Unique collections – and the people who own them Some people collect coins. Others collect stamps. Still others collect spoons or rocks or napkins or doorknobs – or a multitude of other quirky objects. Advance Auto Parts, though, went in search of … [Continue reading]

Interior Modifications: Part One.

Recaro fixed back seat in a Porsche 911

In part one of this two-part series, we look at interior modifications that improve the driver's performance and comfort. So you've got your engine putting out the power, your suspension/wheels/tires are dialed in, brakes are beefed up and the … [Continue reading]

Prepare Your Vehicle For Winter


Now is the time to start thinking about winter, and your vehicle. The temperatures are still warm, the sun still shines brightly, and even though summer has already begun its inevitable march towards fall, no one really wants to think about colder … [Continue reading]

Talkin’ Carbs…As In Carburetors vs. Fuel Injection

1970 Camaro Z28 350

Back in the day, "the day" being the thousands from the mid-1950s through the early 1970s, American performance cars' fuel delivery system of choice was four-, six- or even eight-barrel carburetion. More often than not you saw a single four-barrel … [Continue reading]

Avoid Back-To-School Embarrassment: 5 Ways to Improve Your Teen’s Vehicle

AMC Pacer

A surefire way to embarrass your high-school-age or college-bound student is with transportation that’s as cringe-worthy as the Griswold Family Truckster – that pea-green, 1979 Ford LTD Country Squire station wagon made infamous by Chevy Chase in the … [Continue reading]

Crucial Cars: Ford Fiesta

Ford Fiesta ST

From timeless icons to everyday essentials, Crucial Cars examines the vehicles we can’t live without. In this installment, Street Talk puts the spotlight on a sporty American subcompact – the Ford Fiesta Introduced for the 1977 model year, … [Continue reading]

Speed Perks: No cards, No points, No Nonsense.

Speed Perks ad

Hey DIY Garage Readers— I wanted to take a minute in between our regular blog schedule to tell you about a new program Advance offers that actually rewards you for working on your car. Speed Perks is not your run-of-the-mill rewards program. … [Continue reading]

Cars of the world: Italy

Maserati Quattroporte_1979 photo

  Savory lasagna, creamy gelato, great artists and Sophia Loren are some of Italy's greatest contributions to the world. But many would argue, especially we car buffs, that the best gift this boot-shaped country has kicked forth is a … [Continue reading]