Crucial Cars: Ford Super Duty F-250

Ford Super Duty F-250 photo

From timeless icons to everyday essentials, Crucial Cars examines the vehicles we can’t live without. In this installment, the Mechanic Next Door explores the unstoppable beast that is the Ford Super Duty F-250. When it comes to geography and … [Continue reading]

The Art of Rechroming

Car chrome grille picture

Next time you're checking out all the hot rides at a car show, ask yourself this question: What makes these cars look so amazing? Of course, a lot of it has to do with inherent styling excellence. Any Porsche 911's going to turn some heads … [Continue reading]

SoWo 2015: German cars and Southern hospitality


If you’re a fan of cars and see something cool, you’ll want to have it, whether it’s a monster engine or a cutting-edge body design. And, if you’re an enthusiast, there is no cure. This is a permanent condition. Here are examples. If Europeans … [Continue reading]

Four Vehicle Fluids You May Be Forgetting

Brake Fluid tank photo

Check your oil, coolant, and transmission fluid levels often and change them according to the vehicle manufacturer’s maintenance schedule. That message has been drilled into drivers’ heads since the days of Drivers Ed 101, and with good reason. … [Continue reading]

Crucial Cars: Mitsubishi Lancer Evolution

Mitsubishi Lancer Evolution photo

From timeless icons to everyday essentials, Crucial Cars examines the vehicles we can’t live without. In this installment, Street Talk pays tribute to a street-racing icon in the twilight of its career: the Mitsubishi Lancer Evolution. As … [Continue reading]

469,000 Chevy Malibus recalled for seat belt issues

2012 Chevy Malibu picture

According to the Detroit News, General Motors is recalling approximately 469,000 of its Chevy Malibus, model years 2011-12, due to seat belt issues. The article states: The flexible steel cable that connects the safety belt to the vehicle can … [Continue reading]

Grateful Dead of motorsports: lawn mower racing

Lawn Mowing Race1 photo

Imagine this help wanted ad: Do you enjoy motorsports (wishing they weren’t so dang expensive!) and love to tinker? Do you get into competition – and yet are the kind of person who will readily reach out a hand to help? Do you appreciate green grass, … [Continue reading]

Ultimate Beach Bum Vehicles

2014 Mercedes-Benz Freightliner Sprinter Van photo

With Memorial Day on the horizon and summer soon to follow, our resident Gearhead dishes on his favorite beach bum rides.  When I start talking about cars, it usually isn't long before I'm quoting zero-to-60 times, horsepower numbers and all that … [Continue reading]

Minor body damage: eyesore or easy fix?

broken tail light picture

  It’s not a question of if it’s going to happen, but rather when. In a parking lot. In the driveway. On the road. Even from within the safe confines of your garage. Your vehicle is going to get scratched or dented, and in all likelihood more … [Continue reading]

Pro Am Kart Race Benefits Children

Pro Am kart race photo

Patrick Long’s Pro Am Kart Race to Benefit All Children’s Hospital. It’s a long name, for sure, but the cause is simple: to generate donations and support for All Children’s Hospital John Hopkins Medicine while creating fantastic memories for … [Continue reading]