Crucial Cars: BMW 2002

1972 BMW 2002

During the late 1960s, American performance cars that could seat four or five adults comfortably were big, heavy, and fast. We're talking midsize coupes like the Pontiac GTO, Chevelle SS, Plymouth GTX, and Ford Torino GT. Sure, there were the … [Continue reading]

How to Prepare for Your Motorcycle Road Trip

Stephanie McDonald Motorcycle

By Stephanie McDonald Source | Hogarth de la Plante/Unsplash Hi, everyone! Stephanie here, aka the Blonde Bandit. Spring is coming soon, and that means it's time for some long and exciting road trips. But before you set off, make sure … [Continue reading]

Forefixers: Windshield Wipers

Windshield wiper Forefixer

During the thick of rain-and-snow season, your windshield wipers are as important a piece of safety equipment as your brakes or headlights. But cars didn't always have the means to ensure our vision wasn't compromised during inclement weather. Here … [Continue reading]

ZDDP Motor Oil Additive: What You Need to Know to Protect Your Car


Source | Luke Jones Engines wear out. It's an unfortunate truth, but it's not one you simply have to accept, even if you own a classic car. There are steps you can take to keep your engine from deteriorating for a long time, the most important of … [Continue reading]

Intake Manifolds: Born To Rev

Engine bay

Intake manifolds are a fascinating part of the internal combustion engine. Their design has a great deal of influence on how the engine performs. The simplest change can drastically alter how the engine feels under power. Your engine in its most … [Continue reading]

How to Clean Your Car Engine the Right Way

Car Engine

Source | Gerard McGovern/Flickr Do you clean your vehicle? The answer's probably yes. But do you know how to clean your car's engine bay? If not, that's like taking a shower but never brushing your teeth. Don't be that person; wash your engine, … [Continue reading]

How to Choose Windshield Wipers

Rainy day and windshield wipers

Source | Jaromír Kavan/Unsplash When it comes time to choose windshield wipers, the number of options available might surprise you. While wiper blades all share the same function, they don't all do it in the same way, for the same price, or to the … [Continue reading]

A Look Back at the Truckcar

Holden Ute

Lots of people love pickup trucks but don't always have the need for a full-size truck. Way back in the '50s, manufacturers developed a solution with the car-based truck, commonly called the truckcar, or coupe utility. Whatever you call 'em, the idea … [Continue reading]

Getting to Know John Force

John Force is a legendary NHRA racer, team owner of John Force Racing, and proud father of racers Courtney, Ashley, and Brittany, and father-in-law to Rob Hight. He started racing in 1978 and is still going strong—but did you know he almost quit the … [Continue reading]

DIYers Paradise: Garage Condos for the Ultimate Car Enthusiasts

AutoMotorPlex Ferraris

  We recently sat down with Bruno Silikowski to talk about his pet project, the AutoMotorPlex in Chanhassen, Minnesota. What is the AutoMotorPlex, you ask? Picture the love child of a Lamborghini and an Airstream RV—but without the wheels. … [Continue reading]