Top 5 DIY Projects to Tackle Yourself


When minor things go wrong with our cars, most of us just bite the bullet and consult a trusted mechanic. But have you ever considered that you might be selling yourself short? Fact is, if you've got a little patience, you can resolve a lot of these … [Continue reading]

Writing off your car for business use


With tax time upon us, we thought we'd try to spread some positive news, especially as it relates to your car. If you use your car for business, did you know you can write some of its costs off? According to Tax Topic 510 - Business Use of Car … [Continue reading]

Top 5 Tuner Car Shows for 2014!

Import Tuner Car

After what’s been a particularly long, hard winter for many parts of the country, there is finally a light at the end of the tunnel, and it’s not a train or another car. It’s the sun! I’ve felt an increasingly strong urge these past several weeks … [Continue reading]

Finding Parts For Used Cars

Vintage truck

If you're looking for a car and need to save money, my advice is always the same: Buy used. It's that simple. When you buy a new car, you typically lose hundreds or thousands of dollars just by driving it off the dealer's lot, and the … [Continue reading]

The Scion Rock Fest Returns for Sixth Annual Festival

Scion Rock Fest

Scion Audio Visual's annual hard rock/metal festival, Scion Rock Fest, returns to Pomona, California on May 17, 2014 with an all-star line-up of hard rock and metal heroes. In keeping with its rich tradition of cutting-edge car designs, Scion … [Continue reading]

Michael Paul Smith: Behind the Scenes of Elgin Park

A scene from the fictional Elgin Park. Photo credit: Michael Paul Smith.

All it takes is one look at Michael Paul Smith’s renderings of cars, created with colored pencils, to know that he has an artistic touch. Impressive as they are, though, Michael is known for something quite different: using his … [Continue reading]

Studebakers: from a $68 investment to the Studebaker National Museum

Photo credit: Studebaker National Museum.

Although it’s been a long time since you could purchase a brand new Studebaker, this brand once dominated the country, even before “horseless carriages” were available. The Studebaker National Museum, located in South Bend, Indiana, contains more … [Continue reading]

Three Good Reasons to Change Your Own Oil

Oil change

Sometimes, handing your kids over to another caregiver is something you can't avoid. You need a babysitter if you're ever going to have a night out, right? Parents can't be parents all the time; they're going to need some help along the … [Continue reading]

The Ballad of CV Axle

CV Joint_S

It’s definitely not my fault, despite what my wife would like you to believe. Our farmhouse is old, really old, like 1800s old, and our winters are relatively cold because we live in Virginia’s Blue Ridge Mountains. An old, drafty house and cold … [Continue reading]

Rock Legends The Moody Blues to Raffle Custom “Moody Cooper”

Moody Cooper car

One of the hottest tickets in entertainment these days is the "Concert Cruise," where bands and fans set sail for a few days of rock 'n' roll bliss on the high seas. The Moody Blues Cruise II–-the second annual fan cruise from The Moody Blues … [Continue reading]