Give gifts they’ll actually use

Advance Auto PartsFind great deals in the Advance Auto Parts 2013 Holiday Gift Guide.

Even for the most seasoned of gift givers, finding the perfect presents can be a daunting task. Naturally, you want to ensure the gifts you give are wanted, needed, just-the-right-price, and absolutely appreciated by each recipient. In short, you want practical gifts that have that cool factor. If only it were that easy. Guess what: It is. Our advice? Don’t overthink things, and look for gifts they’ll actually use.

Make it easy on yourself and check out the Advance Auto Parts 2013 Gift Guide. It’s chock full of whoa-I-never-thought-of-that practical gifts and stocking stuffers for those on your list who spend any amount of time behind the wheel.

Like the good neighbor whose car’s been announcing his presence lately with a high-pitched screech: a new belt is more than a gentle hint, it could be an extension to the life of his ride. Getting weary of that other neighbor who constantly borrows your automotive tools? GearWrench tool kits are now at a budget-friendly 50% savings.

Are you a traditionalist who believes that gloves are always a good fallback when you’re stumped for a good gift idea? Then get a high-five approval when you make it a pair by Mechanix Wear — the leader in high-performance specialty gloves. These innovative gloves specialize in a superior fit and feel.

Got a gadget lover on your list? Give ‘em an Actron Scanner Plus with Code Connect and you’ll instantly make their DIY endeavors easier (that’s always a huge bonus in a gift). Or, gift yourself with a PEAK 400-watt Tailgater Inverter Max and make your life easier when taking the family on the road or hosting your next party at the local arena.

Hope you find these ideas useful. And the great thing about our Gift Guide is that most of the items are eligible for free in-store pickup, so you can ensure you’ve got your gifts ready to go on Christmas Day. And, locating your nearest Advance store is easy.

Let us know the kinds of things you’re shopping for in the Comments below. Cheers!

This Christmas, I’m easy to shop for.

Xmas TractorWhen it comes to Christmas, I’m easy. For me, unique gift ideas need not apply. Yep, my “what-you-see-is-what-you-get” appearance is a pretty solid indicator of the gifts I’d actually use, so I don’t expect to get a 3-piece suit or skincare kit any time soon. My wife, on the other hand, is much more difficult to buy for, simply because I can never figure out what the heck she actually wants.

She’s not into the stereotypical things that women are supposed to want. She doesn’t like jewelry—I know, I should be thankful—she has plenty of perfume, and I’m not about to try and buy her clothes. Decorative items for the home and things for the kitchen don’t thrill her, with the latter possibly even being a detriment to my well-being if it were to be disguised as a “gift” that she “needs.” Ah well, I guess I’ll figure something out…

In comparison, purchasing gifts for me is a walk in the park, says me. This, despite the fact that I have little interest in many of the traditional activities that come with being “a guy,” such as golf, home electronics, or college sports. I like car gifts. Here’s why. When my day job is over, my joy comes from “working” on our “gentleman’s farm.” I cut wood, I repair fences, I build outbuildings, I mow fields, I break stuff, I fix stuff, I curse my old pickup or tractor when it won’t start, and then I fix it. That’s why I’m easy to buy for.

No one has to come up with unique gift ideas for me. It’s pretty much a given that if they’re car gift ideas, I’m going to like them, because almost everything I do on the farm starts with having a reliable vehicle—be it the tractor, pickup, or the trailer I haul wood in. If the vehicle’s not working, the project’s over before I even got started. With that knowledge, my wish list is heavy with what my wife calls my tractor and “car gifts.” Gas cans, jacks, mechanics gloves, battery chargers, Fix-A-Flat, WD-40, tools to replace the ones I broke or lost (usually the latter) throughout the year, and the list goes on.

My wife would probably say my list is boring, given all the car gift ideas it’s got, but that’s what I want, and yes, truly need. Plain and simple, when my vehicles work, stuff gets done. When necessary projects get done, I’m relaxed, and everyone is happy, healthy and secure. I can live with that. And to me, that’s a big part of what this season is all about.

Editor’s note: No matter how far you travel this season, you can help ensure your family’s ride is safe and secure with premium tools, parts and accessories from Advance Auto Parts. Buy online, pick up in store. —JK