Lighting up the night with Halogen Headlights

Best car headlightsIt’s dark in the country. That’s one of the great benefits of rural living—especially in fall and winter when the air is crisp and the sky clear. My kids and I marvel at the sheer number of visible stars. But, it can also be one of the drawbacks, particularly when there’s a long list of outdoor projects and a dwindling daylight supply as fall yields to winter.

One of the first places I miss the light is on my commute. It’s dark both when I leave, and when I get home. And although I know every twist, turn, and bump in these unlined country roads, I never quite know what’s lurking ahead—deer, hunting dogs, a fallen tree, or a hay bale that’s fallen off someone’s truck. That’s where high-quality, clean car headlights make all the difference. I learned this the hard way recently when there were no low beams on my wife’s car headlights. In hindsight, I’d noticed that her car headlight bulbs seemed dim last time I drove it, but I just figured the lenses were cloudy and in need of a headlight restoration kit. It turns out that’s not all they needed.

When I drove her car this morning, I quickly realized that I had no car headlights unless I switched to high beams. Thinking back, I then figured out that the car headlight bulbs I thought were just getting dim had actually blown out, one at a time. I decided to wait until it was light enough to drive without auto headlights, and at lunch, my first stop was for some Sylvania XtraVision twin halogen headlights. New halogen headlights can deliver 30 percent brighter light and up to 25 more down-road visibility. Because car headlights dim over time, and tend to fail in close proximity to one another, it’s always best to replace both auto headlights at the same time. I did it right there in the store parking lot—and enjoyed my leisurely and quiet ride home that much more. But in reality, there was a little more work to be done.

I also picked up a headlight restoration kit because the halogen headlights couldn’t deliver their maximum effectiveness since my plastic lens covers were clouded with age. That’s a project I’m saving until the weekend, though. Now, if I can just get the lights working on that old tractor or mine…

To learn more about changing your car headlight bulbs, check out this video.

Editor’s note: Advance Auto Parts carries a wide variety of auto headlights and headlight restoration kits for all kinds of makes and models.